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Youth Resilience Coaching with Kate Patraw

Teaching tweens and teens how to manage stress and anxiety while developing resiliency and confidence!

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Tweens and teens need help now more than ever!

While teaching in middle school for almost 20 years, I have witnessed student stress and anxiety increase at a rapid rate while the time teachers are able to address such struggles decrease drastically. Many students are in desperate need of a supportive adult to listen to them, validate their feelings, and provide practical tools to help them manage stress and anxiety. Because this was a part of my everyday interactions with my students and is a significant area of need, I decided to become certified as a Youth Resilience Coach to expand my reach and help as many tweens and teens as possible.

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Resources for parents, tweens, teens, and young adults

A Parent's Guide to Middle School: How to Help Your Student Survive & Thrive

Learn how to help your student transition to middle school so that you foster their development of confidence and self-advocacy skills.

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1:1 coaching

Dive deep into your student's personal goals focused around their perceived area of highest need in an individualized setting.

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Stress and Anxiety Group Coaching Program

A virtual or in-person support system that addresses your teen's stress, anxiety, and other challenges they face throughout their school year in a group setting. 

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I can talk to you about anything! That means so much to me.

~ 14 year old client

~ 13 year old client

You have helped me so much and I appreciate it. You're like my second mom!  

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I really feel heard when talking to her.

~ 21 year old client

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State Test Stress: How to help your student survive

Apr 20, 2023

Coaching vs Therapy 

Coaching and therapy both focus on improving the well-being and outcomes for the people they serve. Clients can use both therapists and coaches to support different needs and goals. 


Here are some main differences based on client's needs:

The intervention approach to coaching focuses on the present and future, and is solution focused and action oriented. Coaching interventions are strength based with a focus on promoting the client's progress, growth, and resourcefulness. The coach helps the client build skills and develop their own solutions, fostering empowerment, self-advocacy, and confidence. There is no official diagnosing or treating. 



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